PORDESHI (পরদেশী), its all about foreign products

Hi! We are selling imported foreign products, such as India, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, China. We love to deliver the original product to the customer. 



The History Of Pordeshi


Pordeshi (পরদেশী) It is the best eCommerce site for foreign imported products.

Pordeshi.com (পরদেশী) is now the best leading, reliable and faithful website Organisation in Bangladesh. Pordeshi offers directly foreign imported best quality products from USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Chinese and Indian products that many more countries one. We are providing thousands of imported goods with home delivery in Bangladesh. 

What is Pordeshi (পরদেশী)? 

It is the best foreign imported countries product selling site Except for Bangladeshi products. We sell the best foreign countries’ products in Bangladesh. Our core value is to provide our customers “Faith Visualization“.

In Bangladesh, you know there is a huge lack of faith. That’s why we are committed to filling this gap. It is not as easy as we say to fill this customer’s faith. But we are trying to by heart. On the other hand, we did thousands of customers who are faith in pordeshi.

Really when they decide to buy foreign imported products. Without any hesitance, they buy on this site. Often we call them to try to build a great relationship. 

Truly we are concerned about our customers. We take care of them. Most foreign imported goods users are in Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, and the biggest cities.

So trusted source & hassle-free shopping experience we are offering. You will get all types of foreign luxurious products. There are huge demands for luxurious foreign imported products in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka and Chittagong.

Customers get 100% genuine imported products at a competitive price. So There are huge demands on the products.  At a time if we wanna try to fill this gap there is a huge chance of losing all. Definitely, as a customer concern base, we will fill this dot or gap but not at all gradually it will do.

Hopefully, this is a great wise decision. We know the customer wants many but we had a limitation. We are learning as a baby trying to cope with this situation. Nowadays we sell family planning products, adult ones, gradually we will add health and beauty, baby products and so on. 

Why you will Trust our site. We are providing the customer value with faith and 100% genuine foreign products with competitive prices which are you looking for. We are dame sure you will love our products and our service.

Thousands of customers are satisfied with our products and service. Hopefully, you will be the same one. After the day you will prefer to buy products from this site once again. You will be fascinated by our value and product service. Not only that but also Surely you will recommend others to buy on this site. There is the site name of pordeshi.

Truly we are trying to build up this type of relationship. It is not as easy as we say. But we are trying at the core our hard. We are happy to say thousands of customers, we build up such an amazing relationship. Now customers have faith in us. Pordeshi core philosophy is “Faith Visualization”. Our customers are so much so happy and satisfied to buy on the site.

Behind The Success

Truly prodeshi did not know any magic to make all this. We are Trying to build a faith. “Faith Visualization”

Our Mission

Most of all we try and provide the best prices possible for our clients. We are really committed to delivering real original products. You know in Bangladesh what is happing fake is everywhere. Faith is fading away in our society that is why we are working on the way for our “faith visualization”.

Let’s Work Together

Lonely this mission only can not changeable. We need your support. stay with us.