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Abzorb Anti Fungal Powder

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Similac Gold 4


Rechargeable talking and singing baby birds toys

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Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease


Mothercare Baby Shampoo


Candid Activ Sweat Control Talc Powder

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Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion

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Boots Baby Moisturising Lotion

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Boots Baby Bath Bubbles

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Horlicks Classic

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Ensure Vital Nutrients Vanilla powder

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Super Quality Baby Health Care Products And Pordeshi’s Exclusive  Baby Care Tips

Baby care is a hypersensitive issue that worries every parent. After the birth of an offspring, your area of care is extended, and taking care of your loved ones with quality products formulated for them is not that easy. You must make an informed decision as products suitable for adults don’t suit a newborn for its ultra-soft skin. To help you in this regard, pordeshi appears with a vast collection of various super-quality baby care developments such as food, diaper, toy, wipe, toiletries, etc., and tips that will be instrumental for both parents, babysitters, and other caregivers in Bangladesh.

 Baby food: up to the first 4 to 6 months breastfeeding is suggested enough for a toddler but immediately it needs supplementary foods for its nourishment, and preferring good food is more important for infants as they are more vulnerable to food-related diseases ranging from indigestion to dysentery and vomiting to stomach pain. To be safe from such difficulties, you can access Pordeshi’s expert collection of baby food items. We also offer tips, suggestions, and detailed itineraries for your convenient pick. 

 baby milk powder is a highly demanded baby subcategory and it is a mandatory intention for almost all parents. Since cow milk is not recommended for infants under two years of age because of their compromised digestive system.  Additionally, breastfeeding is tough in certain situations. Pordeshi is just a few clicks away to offer you different categories of branded and world-famous ( Aptamil, Enfamil. Lactogen, etc.), Baby milk powder. 

Baby Diaper: as per a calculation by the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents have to use approximately 3000 diapers during their baby’s first year only. From this perception, we,  have realized the gravity of your diapering need, and our expert professionals analyzed data on 20 diapers about the quality of disposable and washable diapers to submit to you super quality and comfortable belt and pant styles nappies. Our selective variety will help you experience graded ones. Similarly, pordeshi also provides information about size, changing techniques, and usage.  

Baby personal care includes skincare, hygiene, oral health, bathing, and washing. This is an area of top emphasis. Our extensive arrangement of lotion, oil, shampoo, cleanser, shop,  toothpaste et cetera is ready as a caretaker. Parents and caregivers must be wise to elect these yields. Not only that, necessary instructions for Baby personal care are available duly in line with the items. 

Baby clothes and Footwear are a headache for everyone. Kids don’t understand fashion and so they should be clothed comfortably with popular cartoons or funny pictures and so is with shoes. Have a preference from our nice pile to beautify your juniors with a money-back guarantee for any inconveniences. 

Baby Bottles And Sterilizers are mandatory as bottle-feeding generates a list of benefits for the mother as very often infants can’t digest some ingredients of human milk plus other family members can help in an impossible time. Sterilizing after-fed bottles is an unignorable matter. Consequently, good recipes and hypoallergenic sterilizers are a great necessity. Shop at Pordeshi to fix your what-to-buy and how-to-use dilemma. 

Baby Bedding is exchangeable with safe sleep and parents are concerned about it. They need an eligible mattress or Moses basket which guarantees comfy, secure, and warm sleep. Some people think of Baby nets but they are unsuitable because when you are a few meters away, your loved one is in danger of suffocation. 

baby toys & gift:

All children are fond of toys like cars, puppets, flutes, etc. These are high needs while feeding, changing diapers, bedtime, or other unpleasant situations to soothe innocents. What is more, toys play vital roles in the recreation, learning, and development cycle. Our overwhelming heaps of toys and gifts can be your access place.  


Sterilization and disinfection are not the same. Sterilization means the elimination of microorganisms and bacteria, on the other hand, disinfection is the killing of many germs. Baby’s clothes, diaper changing pad,  place, and floor must be disinfected with disinfectants. Mentionably, hand sanitizers are unsafe for your newbies. 

Breast pump 

U.S Food and Drug Administration has produced this medical device to increase a woman’s milk supply directly from the breast to the lamb’s mouth. It takes out any complications to smooth the supply of breast milk. 

In summary, baby care is a comprehensive space, and more subcategories are in the index. When you understand at least some of them, you can make scholarly decisions. Pordeshi’s inspections must be a guiding emphasis for parents and guardians in Bangladesh to equip them with promising care for their little ones.

Frequently Ask Questions: 

What is baby health care?

Baby health care is a health care system meant for babies only. It is also the act of giving treatment or any other health service for a better, healthier, and sound life.

What is the importance of baby care?

The importance of baby care is multifaceted as newborns are more vulnerable to being easily attacked by diseases. its goal is also to help children stay healthy and have good nourishment currently and in their afterlives.

What are baby care products? 

Baby care products are baby foods, diapers, wipes, soap, shampoo, baby oils, creams, lotions, and others. These products are formulated with a specialty. 

What are baby health problems?

The most common health problems in babies possess colds, coughs, fevers, indigestion, and vomiting. Babies also commonly retain skin problems, like diaper rash or cradle cap, or allergic reactions. Many of these problems are very mild. It is very crucial to know how to work for your sick baby, and to know the alarming signs for more serious problems.