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Similac Gold 4


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Ensure Vital Nutrients Vanilla powder

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NIDO One Plus Milk




Nido Fortified Full Cream Milk

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 Everything Parents Need to Know About Best baby milk Baby Milk Powder

Powdered milk means dried milk or dry milk. This manufactured dairy product is made by liquid milk evaporating to dryness.  Powdered milk is also known as milk powder. Fresh milk is short-lived even though it is pasteurized. For this, it is not easier to preserve them. The purpose of drying milk is to preserve it for a longer period and to ensure nutrition. It is longer, easier, and healthier without any hassle to be refrigerated, owing to its low moisture content of just 3%. 


When You Need It:

Breast milk is believed to be liquid gold for a baby. Medical science suggests breast milk for at least six months as it is a natural antibiotic that is inescapable for a baby's total health and well-being. 

But, some circumstances like infectious diseases, medicinal effects, breast cancer or other forms of injuries, and scarcity of breast milk deter mothers from breastfeeding. On the other hand, sometimes babies can not digest or welcome breast milk. In such situations, baby formula milk powder can be an alternative option. 

Nido one plus 

Nido One Plus is an amazing powdered milk fortified with probiotics that helps to protect the gut of the babies and supplies important vitamins (A, C & D ) and minerals (Zinc, Iron & Selenium). It is free from excessive sugar responsible for unhealthy weight gain and tooth damage. Its vitamin D content helps absorb calcium for better bone and Omega 3 fatty acids develop the brain. Nido One Plus can provide your babies (1- 3 yrs) 48% of their daily vitamin D requirement.


           (a). High Calcium content. 

           (b). Fortified with probiotics. 

           (c ). Age basis formula. 

           (d ). Long expiry date. 

           (e ). Easy to prepare. 

           (f ). Trusted brand. 

           (g). Highly nutritious.   

           (h). Good taste.

           (i). DHA (Omega 3 Fatty Acid ) enriched.


           Cons :  

           (a). Allergic 

           (b). Digestive problem

           (c ). Risky to the environment.

           (d). Chances of misuse.


Nido kinder 

This  360g USA brand is sensational as it includes necessary vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics to support physical and mental growth, nourishment, brain development, and a better immune system. It is specially formulated for children 1-3 years old and provides vitamins A, B6, C, zinc, and iron. Additionally, prebiotic 1 a high fibre boosts your baby’s digestion power. This powdered milk beverage is also fortified with 13 useful vitamins and minerals to ensure desired health and overall well-being.


                (a). Rich in vitamins A and D. 

                (b). Promote digestion. 

                (c ). Developing your baby's brain. 

                (d). Supply almost all the essential nutrients. 

                (e). High calories. 

                (f). Lactose-free. 



                (a). Expensive. 

                (b). Not organic. 

                (c ). vulnerable to over

                drinking (more than 16-20 Ounce). 

                (d). Diarrhea prone. 


Ensure Vital 


Ensure that made in India is delicious and complete milk that you can trust. It is balanced and packed with protein, calcium, 25 necessary vitamins, minerals, and enough calories. It is  4 times less sugary than other health drinks. Scientifically formulated and clinically tested ‘ Ensure Vital ‘ Is recommended by doctors for its easy digestive formula. 


                Pros : 


                (a). A good source of fatty  acids. 

                 (b).  Helpful to boost brain activity and memory function. 

                  (c ). Vital amino acid supplier. 

                  (d). Prevent chronic diseases. 

                  (e). An excellent dietary supplement. 

                  (f). Available in many flavors. 



                  (a). It may cause gastrointestinal Problems. 

                   (b). Expensive. 


S-26 Gold : 


It is developed to fulfill the need for nutrition and its scientifically proven formula confirms absolute nutrition from birth. This UK(United Kingdom) product is formulated based on over 100 years of infant nutrition research. 

 S-26 Gold possesses DHA, ARA, necessary vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and nucleotides to support mushroom growth. 


This formula is produced from super-quality cow's milk, which is cautiously processed to ensure quality.  It is readily digestible by your baby's hypersensitive digestive system. It is also dotted with key nutrients that are crucial for your baby's development such as iron, zinc, and calcium.



                 (a). A better alternative to breast milk. 

                 (b). DHA and ARA (Omega 3 fatty acids) enriched. 

                 (c ). A super-quality UK brand. 

                 (d). A potential source of Selenium. 

                 (e). Suitable for 6-12 months baby. 

                 (f). Easy to store. 


                  (a).  Pricey.

                  (b). Gassy for some babies.

                  (c ). Constipation in some cases. 

                  (d).  Lack of antibodies. 



Pediasure imported from Dubai is a clinically proven triple-action formula milk with as many as 37 vital nutrients as well as other vitamins and minerals to speed up growth. Its calcium, vitamin D, and protein support to keep bone soundness. It is especially helpful for children having poor diets, mild appetites, and presently ill or recovering from illness. Pediasure must be employed as a supplementary source of nourishment with other nutritive foods for children between 1-10 years of age.  



                   (a). Essentially formulated 

                          for children 1-10 years of age. 

                   (b). Triple protein complex for mushroom growth. 

                   (c ). Enrichment of DHA. 

                   (d).  A great help to height and weight. 

                   (e). Assist to increase appetite. 

                   (f). Advanced with immune nutrients such as Selenium, Zinc, Copper, and vitamins A, C & E. 



                    (a).  Weight gain.

                       (b). High in sugar.

                       (c ). Ladened with 

                                 processed protein. 

                       (d). Mix corn syrup to 



LactoGrow 4 Baby Milk:

Lactogen Grow 4 is a very sensational baby milk powder that comes from Malaysia. It is full of necessary nutrients to help the growth and development of the brain, cognitive function, and immunity. It is also a potential source of vitamin D and calcium that supports bone to nourish correctly. It can energize your baby throughout the day.



              (a). Ensure overall health. 

              (b). Rich in vitamins 

                       A, C, D, zinc, iron 

                       , Selenium, and 

                        whey protein. 

              ( c). A trusted product. 

               (d). Aid to bone health. 

               (e). A longer expiry date. 

                (f). Tasty (with Vanilla flavor). 



               (a). Overdrinking may cause gastric and diarrhoeal Complexity. 

                (b). It may cause vomiting and nausea in  few cases. 


SMA Pro 1 Milk: 


It is said to be the following alternative to breast milk. In certain conditions, breastfeeding gets more difficult, and  On the other hand, many want to combine formula milk with breasts. In either case,  SMA PRO 1 can be your alternative. In the first six months, a baby's weight doubles almost, so by feeding them SMA PRO 1, you can ensure their proper nourishment. This UK drier contains omega 3 & 6, the right amount of protein, and other key nutrients for healthy growth and wellness. 




                           (a). Equal content of fat compared to breast milk.

                            (b). Especially better for babies and young children.

                            (c ). Also suitable from birth.

                            (d). Easy to digest.

                            (e). A high-quality protein content. 

                            (f). Tolerable limit of beta-protein that is absent in breast milk.

                            (g). Instrumental in good stool consistency.

                            (h). Supportive to boost the immune system and gentle to the baby’s  Immature kidneys.          



                               (a). It can upset stomach. 

                               (b). A little bit allergic 

                               ( c).  Stuffy nose and eczema may be. 



Frequently Asked Questions :


(1). Why does a baby need milk powder? 

Babies need milk powder because firstly they cannot digest cow's milk smoothly. Secondly, some mothers can not produce enough breast milk for sickness or other reasons. Finally, cow's milk does not contain all the vital nutrients like formula milk as it is fortified. 

(1). Is baby milk or formula milk healthy? 

In a word, baby milk is healthy as it contains most of the vitamins and minerals required by a baby, but analyses show formula milk may be a great health risk if consumed excessively or do not follow the instruction manual. So be careful about intake. 

(3). How much milk powder does a baby need?    

 On average, a baby needs about 2.5 ounces (75 ml) of formula milk a day for each pound (453 g) of their body weight. It may also vary from baby to baby a bit. Don't let your newborns take too much of it at a time. 

(4). Can everyday milk powder be given to babies?

Yes, your loved ones can be given formula milk everyday proportionately. Doctors advise to not give cow's milk before one year. In this case, breast milk and powdered milk both are advisable alternatively. 

(5).  How long does baby milk powder last?

Generally, baby milk is to be used from 21 to 30 days once opened. You have to read the instructions on the container carefully where the date is written for you. Using data contrasts from brand to brand or manufacturer to manufacturer. so, be sure of instructions beforehand. 

(6). How do we store baby milk powder?

It is intelligent to prepare every glass or bottle of baby milk powder instantly before you feed your baby. But when you need to prepare them earlier, refrigerate them below 5°C within an hour of mixing them, and dine them at best within 24 hours.