Easy return Policy on pordeshi in Bangladesh

For pordeshi it is a very rare case buyer did not their goods unharmed. It is true often pordeshi may fail to fulfill customer demands, truly sometimes are not by our site. Between buyer and us there is a strong “Bond of trust” So that pordeshi.com brings you the product return policy to make happy you. We think about you. We want to see your happiness. So that’s why we are working in that way. Where the buyer can return their goods only if something happens wrong such as ( wrong product, short date of the product, damage one, etc) with it. Pordeshi will provide you new fresh one.

Man can make mistakes. Please, give us a chance to overcome our mistake. Hopefully, we can recover it. Do not disappoint in our faith. We promise you we will recover it as early as possible. Always pordeshi wanna bring a happy in your mind. We do not think about us we think about your value. Really we are trying to fill this. Money does not grow on the tree. You earn money by your hard work that’s why we respect your money and we are trying to give you our best service and value.

For any reason, you are unsatisfied with your purchase. You can back it please meets the following criteria:

  1. Within 3 days placement guarantee (except intact box or packet).
  2. After getting the products to return request must be applied within 24 hours.
  3. Delivery of missing goods.
  4. Delivery of the damaged products.

How to Return a product

  1. Login to your pordeshi account and select my orders.
  2. Select the order your want to return and click on the manage order button
  3. You will find return items please click on there.
  4. Fill in the form. As soon as possible we will pick up this.
  5. So pack your parcel. You may book the product in the below address and sent it sundarban courier at Gulshan 2 at Dhaka, Bangladesh
  6. That’s it. you will get back your product price within 7 days