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Himalaya Cystone 60 Tablets review & price Bangladesh (BD)

Himalaya Cystone 60 Tablets review & price Bangladesh (BD)

Are you feeling the pressure? Feeling exhausted most of the time? There’s no need to worry, because Himalaya has got your back! Our ayurvedic tablets are formulated using recipes that have been passed down for centuries to maintain healthy kidneys. Pasanabheda, the main active ingredient in our tablets, is a powerhouse that helps regulate blood pressure, improve kidney function, and protect the overall health of your urinary tract. So what are you waiting for? Make sure to stock up on Himalaya Cystone tablets today!

Himalaya Cystone 60 Tablets review and information for Bangladesh

Kidney problems are common and can be very debilitating. If left untreated, they can lead to serious complications such as kidney failure. That’s why it’s important to keep your kidneys in top condition with Himalaya Cystone Tablets. These tablets are formulated using ayurvedic recipes for maintaining healthy kidneys, and are loaded with the goodness of pasanabheda that contains numerous minerals and vitamins that are essential for kidney health. renal function and overall health. So, what are you waiting for? Start taking Himalaya Cystone Tablets today and see the difference they make!

Himalaya Cystone 60 Tablets in Bangladesh

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A natural remedy that is also known as Cystone. Cystone is an Ayurvedic medicine that has been used for centuries to treat various ailments. It is made from the combination of ashwagandha, bacopa monnieri, guduchi, haritaki, tinospora cordifolia and vidanga. These herbs are combined with a base of the mineral magnesium citrate and water.

  1. NATURAL REMEDY – Himalaya Cystone tablets are natural tablets that act as a diuretic for the body
  2. AWESOME TASTE – Himalaya Cystone tablets have a great taste and are easy to swallow. You can enjoy it without mixing it with any other drinks or foods
  3. FAST DELIVERY – Less shipping Cost on all orders placed within Bangladesh.

What is the use of Cystone tablets 60 in BD?

To calm and protect inflammatory tissues, Pasanabheda is commonly used. The treatment and prevention of crystals in the urine is helped by the formulation. Kidney stones can be removed and prevented from recurring with its use.

How do you eat Himalaya cystone tablets?

For six weeks, participants will take two tablets twice a day. Take two tablets twice a day for the duration of the study. Cystone tablets contain the following ingredients: Didymocarpus pedicellatus (Shilapuushpha)

Can I take Cystone regularly?

Yes, you can take two cystone tablets twice a day.

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